Gruff Davies

Gruff is a pioneer of ‘exergaming’. Seven years prior to Nintendo’s launch of the “Wii Fit”, he invented the world’s first interactive gaming-exercise bike, “Exertris”. Bill Gates presented the invention at CES 2003, describing it as “really quite amazing”. Gruff has appeared twice on BBC Tomorrow’s World, including once as a TV finalist for the Inventor of the Year Award. He was a semi-finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award the same year. Sadly, Exertris was forced to close in 2004.  Beat Fitness Games is a reboot of the same principle in a pure-software incarnation, made possible thanks to recent advances in technology. 

As as well as Beat, Gruff is the creator and co-founder of “Kwiziq“, an “AI language coach” that helps adults learn a foreign language up to ten times faster. Kwiziq is recognised as a leading British AI start-up. Kwiziq has also been a top 3 finalist in CogX’s Best AI Product in Education Award, three years running. 

Gruff was Codex World’s Top 50 Innovator 2019 and BMWi UK EdTech Founder of the Year 2018.