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Play games, get fit!

Your exercise powers gameplay. Connect any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor and play.

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Our games are driven by your exercise!

You can do cardio, strength training, or HiiT, so long as you're working out your exercise effort powers gameplay! Connect a bluetooth heart rate monitor and our AI figures out how much effort you're putting into your workout and uses it in the games.

Two games now in Early Access (Android only)
Dynamo Defender and Dynamo Dash


Compatible with all standard bluetooth heart rate monitors.

Fun, motivating workouts

It’s hard to stick to workouts with long-term goals like losing weight, or gaining muscle - they're not things you can achieve in one day. Our fitness games give you immediate, tangible goals so you have a reason to be working out now. You get the satisfaction of smashing them every time you play, and knowing you're on the way to achieving your future goals too.

Time flies by

Time can really drag doing cardio normally, but playing Beat Fitness Games makes those workouts fly by. You’re not just exercising your body - you’re fighting bad guys, solving puzzles and more. You'll work out harder and longer without even realising.

Never hate cardio again!

Ever felt your soul being crushed pedalling away on exercise bike that's not even moving? With Beat Fitness Games, it's as if you're powering a virtual dynamo. You put your exercise effort into something fun and satisfying: like more firepower in our shoot-em-up, Dynamo Defender! Or racing and solving puzzles in Dynamo Dash

Fitness when you want it

Classes are great, but fitting them into a busy schedule can be a pain. You have to book, make it there on time, and if there's not one running, what do you do? You can play Beat Fitness Games any time you want, no need to wait, no need to book!

Any type of exercise

Other fitness games make you do a specific activity, like running or dancing. Our fitness games were designed for cardio but can be played doing whatever exercise you choose. All that matters is you that you put your heart into your workout!

Compatible with standard heart rate monitors

So long as it uses standard Bluetooth connectivity and is accurate, you can play with any heart rate sensor. We've found chest strap monitors are the most accurate and reliable, but some of the newer LED-based arm monitors work well too. See our list of heart rate monitors that we've tested.

Leaderboards and level play

Not everyone's competitive, but there's something about getting your name on a leaderboard that adds an extra element of satisfaction to a workout. Our AI tailors your workout automatically to your fitness level so you can compete fairly against other players of any age or fitness level.

Guilt-free gaming

Playing video games can sometimes feel like a waste of time, but not when you're playing to keep fit! 

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